Good morning! How are you? /Files/images/00l/13d6fe0cc4bb8eab4dfe0b90f6f3d715.jpg


27.05 The End-of-year party

Good morning! How are you today? We are waiting for the summer holidays. What will you do in summer?wym-1589743867167

Summer time Vocabulary wym-1589744104335

Ex.4, p. 125 Read and answer the questions. Ex.5, p.125 Think about your summer holiday plans wym-1589744511916

Ми прощаємося зі Смайликом. Він, як і ми, йде на канікули. Всім гарного літа, чудового відпочинку та незабутніх вражень. Smile more and be healthy. Більше посміхайтеся і будьте здорові! До зустрічі!

25.05 Hello, summer!

Good morning! How are you? It will be summer soon. Скоро буде літо. Речення вжито і майбутньому часі Future Simple tense wym-1589743261974

Ex.4, p. 122 Read the dialogue. Ex. 5, p.122 Answer the questions.

What will you do this weekend? wym-1589743422829

20.05 Speaking "My favorite season"

Good morning! How are you? Today we' ll speak about your favorite season.

Name season, month and date when you was born.

Name 3 words about winter, 3 words about spring, 3 words about summer, 3 words about autumn.

Speaking "My favorite season"

Autumn wym-1589736211025

Winter wym-1589736255993

Spring wym-1589736286182

Summer wym-1589736314769

All seasons are beautiful.

18.05 Reading comprehension

Good morning, my dears! How are you? Today we have Reading test. Open you books on page 156, read the story and do the task after it.

"Polly - the -parrot likes to learn English".


pet - домашній улюбленець, repeat the words-повторювати слова, come to see - прийшли побачити, go away - ідіть геть, angry - сердитий,How do you do? - Як справи?,Come in - заходьте, a lot of times -багато разів, That's right! -Це точно!

Read the story and do the task. Chose and write the right answer.

1. What pet does Sashko got?

a) cat b) parrot c) dog d) hamster

2. Who comes to Sashko one day?

a) two girls b) two boys c) a doctor d) a teache

3. What does Polly say when he sees the boys first?

a) Come in. b) Super! c) Nice to see you. d) Go away!

4. Was Misha angry for Polly?

a) No, he was not

b) Yes he is.

c) Yes he was.

d) No, he is not

5.What new words does Polly like?

a) How do you do, friends? Come in!

b) How old are you?

c) Do you like English?

d) Do you speak English?

6.What do the boys say?

a) Go away!

b) You are a bad parrot.

c) Well, Polly, you are a good parrot.

d) How do you do?

13.05 Writing comprehension. Day by day

Good morning! Today we are writing the second test.

Form 3 Writing (the second term)

1. Put the missing letters o, i, e, a, i, a, s, o

Tuesd_y, D_cember, M_y, Ea_ter, Ukra_ne, Apr_l, Oct _ ber, M _ nday

2. Find an odd word.

1) Sunday, Monday, Easter, Thursday

2) spring, summer, winter, village

3) June, July, Ukraine, August

4) hot, cold, snow, bunny

3. March the present and past forms of the verbs.

1) listen a) did

2) help b) helped

3) do c) listened

4) write d) wrote

11.05 Listening comprehension. The lazy bear

Good morning! Today we start doing the final controls. Listening is the first test.

Let's review some words: animals - тварини, bear - ведмідь, to snore - хропіти, alone - самотній, at last - нарешті.

Seasons wym-1589111150700

Listen wym-1589111179144

Answer the questions

1. What’s the bear’s name?

a) Barni

b) Teddy

c) Bruno

c) Biscuit

2. Where are the animals?

a) at school

b) at the zoo

c) in the forest

d) in the swimming pool

3. The animals are waking up in....

a) summer

b) spring

c) winter

d) autumn

4. The leaves are turning red, orange and yellow in....

a) spring

b) autumn

c) summer

d) winter

5.The animals are getting ready for winter in...

a) spring

b) autumn

c) summer

d) winter

6. Bruno is awake at last. Now he knows that it’s...

a) summer

b) autumn

c) spring

d) winter

You can do this task here wym-1589111439616

06.05 My summer vacation

Good morning! We are waiting for the summer holidays. But today let's speak about your last summer vacation. wym-1588517049067

Повторимо минулий неозначений час wym-1588517072410

Past Simple wym-1588516995188

04.05 Day by day

Good morning! What day is it today? What month is it today? What season is it today? In a month it will be summer and holidays. Менше ніж через місяць буде літо і канікули. Сьогодні у нас повторення вивченої лексики з теми "Day by day".

Seasons of the year wym-1588518385761 Ex.1, p.110

Months of the year wym-1588518368896 Ex.1, p.110

Days of the week wym-1588518339666 Ex.2, p.48

Home task Write an odd words 1) Tuesday, Birthday, Wednesday 2) spring, summer, May 3) Jack, June, July

29.04 Summertime

Всі люблять літо і з нетерпінням його чекають. Why do you like summer? wym-1587838122376

Ex. 7, p.123 Read the rhyme

Повторимо місяці і пори року wym-1587838212059

Chose the right answer

1. December is...... month. a) spring b) winter c) autumn

2. In summer it is ...... a) hot b)warm c) snow

3. In spring it is .... a) hot b) warm c) snow

4. In winter there is ..... a) hot b) warm c) snow

5. September is ....... month. a) spring b) summer c) autumn

6. We have no school in ...... a) autumn b) spring c) summer

27.04 My favourite season

Good morning! Сьогодні поговоримо про вашу улюблену пору року.wym-1587837323069

Римівка wym-1587837491058

What's your favourite season?wym-1587837582599

Read on p.142-143 Читаємо, що відповіли Грег, Джесіка, Ронні, Міс Спрінфілд

Home task. Виписати імена дітей і написати навпроти їх улюблену пору року.

22.04 Easter

/Files/images/00l/x1_FPvARadzwRcP7jZ9TZXcMw.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.smOEIloU8l.jpg Good morning!

The theme of the lesson is "Easter". What do you know about Easter? Open your books on page 118. Ex.1, p.118.

Vocabulary work /Files/images/00l/IMG_20200420_145251.jpg


Ex. 2, p.118 Read an e-mail. Ex.3, p.119 Help Taras to answer

Easter wym-1587381595101

Home task Ex.3, p.119 Write out true sentences.

15.04 Fairy tale "Little Red Hen" Урок читання.

Good morning! We are waiting for Easter. It is one of the biggest holidays.

Всі люблять казки. У них добро завжди перемагає зло. Сьогодні ми почитаємо казочку про маленьку червону курочку, яка пекла Великодній хліб, і її лінивих друзів. Дуже вже ця англійська казка схожа на українську про півника і двох мишенят. Пригадали? Ну що ж! Let's go! Open your books on page 148.

Vocabulary A Look at the pictures. What can you see? Match the words to the correct numbers in the pictures.

grains - 2, a mill - 1, an oven - 4, wheat - 5, bread - 3, flour - 6

B How do you make bread? Put the sentences into right order.

C Read the story about the little red hen.


Happy Easter everybody!

13. 04 Months and holidays

Good morning! Do you like holidays? There are winter holidays, spring holidays, summer and autumn. Let's see wym-1586685374993

Open your books on page 146. There you can see 12 months. wym-1586685518904

Read and choose the right picture.

Seasons wym-1586685945391

I like holidays. It is cool that the holidays are all year round.

06.04 Seasons and months.

Hello! Hello again. Today we are studying seasons and months.

The year has got four seasons. There are 12 months in a year. wym-1586085043820

Open your books on page 110 ex.1 Read the new words. Point attention to the transcription. wym-1586085126745

What is your favourite season? wym-1586084817503

Read the dialogue ex.2, p.110 about Bill's favourite season.

Ex.3, p.111 Read. Let's start from phonic ea [i:] wym-1586084788751

Your home task is ex.1, p.110. You need to learn seasons and months.


08.04 Calendar

Hello everybody. Let's have a talk about calendar. At first, let's remember learned words. wym-1586085420455

Ex.1, p.112 Look and say when children's birthday. When is your birthday?wym-1586085577084

Ex. 2, p. 112 Ask and answer wym-1586085709255

Home task is ex.5, p.113. Learn and say the rhyme wym-1586085921543


16.03 Today we сontinue to study the Past Simple Tense. Open your books on the page 101

Past Simple wym-1584112990869

Regular verbs (правильні дієслова) wym-1584112750436

Irregular verbs ( неправильні дієслова) wym-1584113373828

Listening wym-1584113215178

Write in a copybook True + or False -

1. Girl's name was Megan.

2. The boy had a kangaroo.

3. They flew kites.

4. Sally read a book.

5. Mike listened to music.

6. Teacher made cookies.

18.03 Good morning, me dear friends! We continue to learn Past Simple Tense.

Казка про правильні і неправильні дієслова wym-1584646593163

Open your books on p.104-105

Ex/1 Read the dialogue. Visited - правильне дієслово to visit. Did, went - неправильні.

Неправильні дієслова wym-1584646927334

Ex/3, p.104 Fill in with the verbs in the past.

30.03 Good morning, my dear pupils.How are you? I hope you are all well. Let' s start our lesson.

What day is it today? What date is it today? What month is it today? Another day and it will be April. April is the second month of the spring.

Let's remember what March was like. It was...... Березень був ...

Today we have revision.

Past events. Past Simple Tense



Ex.1, p.106 Read and tell what Kate did yesterday.

help - helped, wash - washed, clean - cleaned, play - played, watch - watched, visit - visited

Всі дієслова правильні Regular verbs тому ми додаємо до них закінчення -ed у минулому часі.

Ex.2 , p. 106 Look, read and match the pictures with the sentences. Do this task in writing form.

1- e , 2 - , 3 - , 4 - , 5 - , 6 - .

Ex. 3, p.107 Tell about your last weekends. wym-1585486925642

Good bye! Be healthy!

01.04 What is the weather like today?

What day is it today? Do you know what holiday is it today? April is the second month of the spring. It's April Fool's Day. Is day of good humor and raffles. День сміху, який ми святкуємо першого квітня, це день добрих жартів та розіграшів wym-1585490821291

Всім гарного настрою. Let's go!

Weather - погода. Vocabulary wym-1585490716893

Phonics ph ]f] phone, photo, Phil, Philip wym-1585490892103 wym-1585490912449

Ex. 1, p. 108 Read an e-mail

What is the weather like in Ukraine?

Weather song wym-1585491179678 wym-1585491208619

Ex.3, p. 109 Look and guess.

Where are you from? wym-1585491242703

Ex.4, p. 109 Read and say rhyme "Countries and weather".

I wish good weather at your homes. Smile more and everything will be fine! Good luck! Be healthy.

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