Характеристика улюбленого фільму, вистави, телепередачі

Ex.1,p.191 Read the information


Ex.4,p.193 Write a review of a book or film you have recentlyread or seen

Театральні програми та афіші. Узагальнення вивченого матеріалу

Do the test


Ex.3,p.196-197 Read the email and find answers to the questions

Ex.1,2,p.200-201 Write as a test in your сopybook

Молодь та суспільство

Ex.2,p.204-206 Read the information and refer each question to appropriate person

Ex.5,p.207 Learn new words

Усна взаємодія на тему"Проблеми молоді"

Ex.1,p.208 Guess the meaning of the words

Ex.2,3,p.209 Write in your copybook

Ex.4,p.209 Read and explain the meaning of the words

Інфінітив. Виконання вправ

Read the rules at page 210-211


Do ex.1,2,p.210-211

Ex.3,4,p.212 complete the sentences in your copybook


Learn new words ex.2,p.213

Ask and answer the question ex.1,2,p.213

Вміння керувати емоціями.

Learn new words p.215

Do ex.1,p.215

Answer the qquestion ex.2,p.215-216

Участь молоді в соціальних проектах


Do ex.1,p.217

Answer the question and complete the table ex.2,p.218

Молодіжний рух в Україні та у світі

Ex.1,p.223 complete the text

Ex.2,p.223 choose the correct verb form

Узагальнення вивченого матеріалу

Do the testwym-1586804278592

Україна в світі

Read the text ex. 2,p.228-229

Complete the sentences ex.3,p.229

Learn new words p.230

Україна в світі. Виконання вправ

Ex. 5,p.230-231 read the facts

Ex.6,p.231 true or falseEx.7,p.231 answer the question

Політична система в Британії

Ex.1,p.choose the correct words

Ex.2,p.232 match the synonyms

Ex.3,p.233 match the words

Конституція - основний закон країни

Ex.1,p.237learn new words and answer the questions

Ex.3,p.238 read the information

Міжнародне співробітництво

Ex.1,p.241 complete the text

Ex.2,p.242 h-put the words in the correct tense

Політична система США

Read the text and make up 10 questions

The USA is considered to be a federative republic, which presently consists of 50 states. Every state has its own governor and government. They also have their own legislative and executive entities. The head of the country is the President. And, surprisingly, he is also the commander-in-chief of the country’s Navy and Armed Forces. All people of 18 years old and above have the right to choose the President every four years. One President can be chosen only for two terms. Along with the President people can choose the Vice President. There are three consecutive branches of power in the federal government of the USA: executive, legislative and juridical. The executive branch is run by the President, not without the help of Vice President. There is also the Cabinet made up of Department Secretaries. Next is the legislative power, which is presented by Congress, and is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. All in all, there are 435 members in the House of Representatives, and 100 members in the Senate. Every state can choose two Senators. The judicial branch consists of eleven Federal Courts and the Supreme Court. The President appoints the federal judges for life term. The constitution of the country has been altered 26 times. According to the Bill of Rights, the citizens of the country have all types of individual freedom, such as freedom of speech, religion, political views and else.

Міжнародні відносини

Ex.4,p.248-249 read the text and refer the paragraphs

Знаменні події та видатні люди

Write 10-12 sentences about political system of the USA

Розвиток граматичних навичок


Узагальнення матеріалу з теми "Люди та суспільство"
Do the test!


Контроль письма


Контроль читання


Контроль аудіювання

Listen to the text



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